Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ik heb gefietst!

Yes, I said, "Ik heb gefietst" which is not Thai.  Nor Spanish.  And we all know not English.  In fact it is the language : Nederlands, or better known in English: Dutch.  This past weekend I went on a biking tour of Bangkok, and.... who loves to bike more than the Dutch?  My group consisted of all Dutch people excluding an English couple, myself, and our Thai tour guides (even though the owner is Dutch!)

The tour started out at the casual hour of ten, allowing us to sleep in (more than us working at 6:30 AM)

And we were greeted with coffee and tea! Truly a European adventure in such an Asian city!  We biked through a market place in which they picked us up our first snack (or many) of bananas, pancakes, and candy floss (better known as cotton candy).  

Annet's friend, Alicia was visiting (who was also Dutch)... however in this picture I am striking the Thai pose... nike symbol under chin?  Chai-ka...

Ni photo bpaai wat. 

They also took us out to this miniature jungle/island.... right outside of Bangkok!  What a breath of fresh air!  (literally!)

However the biking path was narrow... and a bit high up... a Dutch man named Vunter even said, "wow, you are horrible at biking."  Oh yes, I also ran into a wall... and got lost (with a tour guide).  Truly an adventure....